My child has a Statement of educational needs or EHCP, will we still have annual reviews?

Yes, your new educational health care plan will be:

  • conducted by the SENDCo;
  • before the review date, parents/carers and external agencies (where involved) will be invited to the meeting. Parents/carers will be invited to send their views into school prior to the meeting;
  • external agencies will be asked to submit their most up to date reports if these have not already been received by the school;
  • prior to the meeting date, a standardised sheet for collecting information from teachers will be circulated;
  • prior to the meeting date the student will be asked to provide their views;
  • at the meeting all documentation will be reviewed with the parent/carer and student. This will include targets on the IEP, external agency reports, teacher comments, Learning Support Assistant comments, parent/carer comments and the student's own views;
  • the meeting will be minuted and copies sent to all parties.

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