Health, Emotional Health and Wellbeing

The school follows Department for Education guidelines on administering medication and supporting students with medical conditions. 

The parents/carers of students who need to take medication are asked to provide details of their child’s medical condition and how the medication needs to be taken. A care plan may then be developed from this information in partnership with students, parents/carers and the SENDCo. All medication is kept in a secure location.

Staff are regularly updated on students’ health needs and these details are available for staff to view on the school's alert list. Where appropriate, staff receive specialist training e.g. the use of an epipen and supporting students with diabetes.

The school works closely with the school nurse and health mentor to provide support based on each student’s needs; they are also available for all students on a drop-in basis.

We work closely with other agencies to support the emotional wellbeing of students and their families. The school is able to make referrals to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and other family support services.
The school offers counselling sessions with a Relate counsellor.

Furthermore, the Pastoral Team has a Pastoral Support Worker and a Parental Support Advisor who can be contacted and offer support for students and parents/carers with anxieties or worries about school, home life and friendships etc.

The Peer Mentor Team are a group of year 10 and 11 students who are trained in listening to and supporting other students in school.
Students, parents/carers and staff can make referrals to any of these services by contacting a Year Leader or Miss Breakell, Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour and Safety).

The school also offers the Surviving Teenagers Course to all parents/carers three times per year. Please click here for more details on our Surviving Teenagers Course.

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