Surviving Teenagers Course

You can access a FREE Surviving Teenagers Course for parents and carers of our students via Tameside council at Hattersley Children’s Centre

You do not need to be having difficulties with your teenager to find this course helpful. It is a great opportunity for parents to meet up, realise you are not alone, share tips and ideas and support each other. 

The course that aims to help parents understand what their teenager is going through; improve their relationship and the way they communicate with their teenagers. It will also provide parents with effective behaviour and discipline strategies for times when they are needed most. The objective of the programme is to provide parents with parenting for life skills, which they can use to improve their parenting with lasting effect. This programme is aimed at anyone in a parental/caring role with teenagers and not just those who would like support with an existing difficult situation. The course covers a range of areas including: hormones – teenage development, connecting, anger management, discipline and boundaries.

If you would like to know more please telephone Hattersley Children’s Centre on 0161 368 7722 or contact Sarah Bailey at School who can provide you more details.

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