What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Audenshaw STEM Club has done it all! From building rockets, to decorating your Christmas tree with chemistry!

We like to explore how STEM can change the world around us and look for solutions to the problems of generations to come!

This year, we will be taking inspiration from other young people who are working to change the world.

This year, we will be exploring and making everything that goes into having a waste-free lunch!

Think about how you could help everyone save the Earth and join in!

The STEM club will be each Wednesday from 14:40 - 15:30. We will be looking at some fun practicals that can be done at home and investigating science with experiments every week! We will go onto do projects like "How to survive a zombie apocalypse" and making our own board game using magnets! STEM Club will be open to year 7s and year 8s.

STEM Websites

MN - STEM - an educational website -

National Stem Centre -

Institute of Physics

Royal Society of Chemistry
NASA Kids Club

Kinetic City

Science Kids - Engineering

iPad Apps


STEM Activities to do at home

Make a mini hovercraft

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