Audenshaw School has an enthusiastic, committed and hard-working Prefect Team. They often demonstrate how committed they are by attending and assisting with the numerous events held outside of the regular school hours such as, awards evening, parents evenings,open evenings, Year 9 options evening and many more.

Prefects are expected to show resilience, responsibility and respect on a daily basis. While on post at break and lunchtime, the Prefects make it possible for staff to have a well earned break.

The Senior Prefect team, in particular, have a great responsibility in the wider School community. They manage all the other Prefects by monitoring posts each day and organise many school events, such as, charity events, including Active Audenshaw and 'The Chase'. They have independent meetings once a week and then plan and host whole prefect team meetings following on from any issues raised, a demonstration to how committed they are to creating a positive school environment.

To become a Prefect, Year 9 students will complete application forms available until June of each academic year. In January, Year 10's have a second opportunity to apply for a Prefect

Due to it's huge success when ran as a trial, we are now running the Trainee Prefect Scheme. Ten students, with the usual excellent Prefect characteristics will be selected to shadow a
Prefect post for 8 weeks.

The Senior Prefect Team will then decided on the suitability of the trainee Prefect for a place on the team.

What have the Prefects achieved so far?

Successfully organised two collections for Tameside Food Bank
Collected over a 1000 presents for Royal Manchester Children Hospital
Assisted on charity events such as Poppy Day and Active Audenshaw
Oversea the little picking in the school
Help the School Council members to run school initiatives such as recycling
Attend meetings every week to discuss improvements to the Prefect Team
Provided support to staff and students during break and lunchtime
Presented Bicycle Health and Safety Awareness assemblies to each year group
Assist staff during the school day.

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