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The Chase comes to Audenshaw School for Sam's Gift Charity.

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On the 21st November 2019, The Senior Prefects hosted The Chase.

The preparation for the day started weeks earlier when the prefects auditioned students from all year groups on their general knowledge. The brightest students who gained the highest scores in the auditions were A.Haughton, J.Swallows, S.Stopford and C.Preston.

E.Dutu who played the fantastic part of ITV’s Bradley Walsh in the event also spent hours of planning out the questions and the graphics that were used on the day. In addition to this other Senior Prefects spent their lunchtimes planning and creating the set design and learning new skills and techniques with the lights and music system.

Tickets were sold for £2 over three lunchtimes for 200 lucky students who managed to get their hands on one. VIP guests were awarded a ticket from their Year Leaders as well as some Senior Leadership Team nomination.

On the day The Annihilator (Mr Whitehead) took on the 4 students in a tense and nail-biting first round. All 4 students performance amazingly in their cash builders but unfortunately 2 students were caught by The Annihilator in an epic battle of challenging questions as they tried to make it back for the final chase.

In the finale A.Haughton and J.Swallows showed strength in their general knowledge and worked together to take on The Annihilator and won 24 achievement points between them, they truly annihilated The Annihilator. The event was a huge success, raising over £400 for Sam’s Gift, a charity that helps and supports teenagers and young adults with cancer. We were very lucky to have a representative from the charity who attended the event and spoke with our team after the event.


Miss Y. Hopkins

Student Leadership Co-ordinator

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