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Tomorrow’s Engineers Year 7 Workshop with Learn By Design

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Some of our Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a 2 hour long workshop on Wednesday 20th November, “Tomorrow’s Engineers Energy Quest”.

The purpose of the workshop was to engage the students into thinking about how energy is currently generated and the impact this has on our world and on the future thus allowing the students to explore the concepts of energy generation, sustainability and technologies.

From this, they stepped into the shoes of engineers and worked as teams to build, adapt and improve an electric car! This was not as easy as they thought and really tested their resilience and problem-solving skills!

In addition to this, the students gained information regarding what engineering is and the many roles that engineers may have, opening their minds to possible future careers. Whilst building their cars they worked with supercapacitor technology which is the same technology being used to develop more efficient, eco-friendly cars!

A huge thank you to Learn By Design who ran the workshop our students really enjoyed the session.


Miss A. Teggart

Second in Charge of Science

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