MFL (Grades 2- | 2= |2+)
Pearson 3rd Step  | 4th Step

Skills & Knowledge Definition


Demonstrate understanding of main points, opinions and some details in short passages which include reference to either the present or the future (including some grammar up to and including the 4th step)



Translate into the target language simple sentences (including some grammar up to and including the 4th Step) containing familiar words and structures. Generally accurate in using straightforward language and meaning is clear, but there may be errors with verbs.



Demonstrate understanding of main points and opinions in short texts using familiar language.

Translate familiar words and short phrases into English.

Demonstrate understanding of main points, opinions, overall message and some detail in short written texts, referring to the present or future.

Understand short texts written for target-language learners of (e.g. menus, short adverts, songs, simple poems).

Use a bilingual dictionary or glossary to look up unfamiliar words.

Translate simple sentences containing familiar vocabulary and grammar (including some grammar up to and including the 4th Step) into English.



Ask and answer simple questions.

Exchange simple opinions.

Take part in brief dialogues, using short phrases referring to the present.

Take part in simple conversations, referring to the present or the future.

Exchange opinions and give simple reasons.

Describe and give information in short dialogues using familiar vocabulary and common grammatical structures (including some grammar up to and including the 4th Step).

Begin to speak spontaneously (e.g. by giving an unsolicited opinion).





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