ICT (Grades 3- | 3= |3+)

Skills & Knowledge Definition


I can represent algorithms symbolically

I can use logical reasoning to predict the behaviours of simple programs I have created


I can debug simple programs

I can write programs to do specific things

I can explain how programs execute following the instructions we give them

I can demonstrate that I understand what a variable is

I can demonstrate an understanding of simple Boolean logic by using AND, OR and NOT in simple operations



I can define the key terms to do with data representation

I can define the key terms

I can demonstrate understanding of what a flat file database is, its main features and its limitations

I understand why sorting flat file data makes searching easier

I can sort and filter data

E-Safety & Ethics I can identify good and bad online behaviour, including cyberbullying and scams
Hardware & Software

I can show that I understand the difference between hardware and software

I can show that I understand what several input and output devices do

Networking I can define the terms LAN and WAN, and know that the internet is an example of WAN
The Internet I can use various internet services to communicate and gather information
The System Life Cycle  

I can produce a plan for a project

I can select an appropriate application to use when creating a digital project







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