We are delighted to be running the Young Enterprise program at Audenshaw this year. 11 enthusiastic, driven and enterprising students have started their own business team, SIMPLY.  Over the year they will learn how to write Business Plans and Company Report while producing, selling and marketing products in school and the wider world. Students compete with other schools/colleges in their region, across the UK and internationally to become Young Enterprise Company of the year. 
We are fortunate to have 2 professional mentors working with us, Caroline Colwill (Barclays) and Sarfaraz Akram (HSBC) who have been giving us some advice and guidance from their own experience in the business world.

The Team

Sam Katirob (Managing Director) George Foster (Deputy Managing Director) Chris Oliver (HR) Jarrad Buller (Administrator) Kavan Wild (Finance) Joe Cunliffe (Deputy Finance) Tom Cochrane (Sales) Lewis Green (Marketing) Ismail Mansoor (IT) Harry Hind (Deputy Sales) Bhumit Mistry (Operations)

For further details on the Company Programme, please click here to visit the Young Enterprise website

We have finalised the idea of what we are going to sell to get our cash flowing and we now have a battle plan of what we are going to sell at the trade fair on December 11th. We still need to make some arrangements but we are definitely on our way. If the trade fair goes well then we will be able to buy the supplies we need for our BIG IDEA! 

Our First Fundraising Event

In order to raise funds for our new business, we decided to conduct a 6-a-side football tournament for Year 10. We decided on this as overall, the favourite sport in Audenshaw School is football.
Each team was allowed up to eight members (Six players would play with two substitutes) and there would be an entrance fee of £1 for each player making a minimum amount of £6 per team and a maximum amount of £8 per team.
On the bitterly cold day, Thursday 7th November, each team took to the pitch for 10 minute games. There were 8 teams who played 6 games each. 
The day was a great success which all the teams enjoyed and we were able to raise £54 for Audenshaw’s Young Enterprise Team, Simply, who hope to produce a tournament for Years 8 and 9.

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