School Council

School Council

With two representatives from every form, Audenshaw School has a thriving and enthusiastic student council which meets every term throughout the academic year.

Representatives convene in two separate groups, KS3 and KS4, to discuss their ideas and prioritise the issues they want to raise for further discussion. The whole School Council then meets in order to bring together the ideas of both KS3 and KS4. Allowing this two way dialogue between students and staff, the School Council enables students to participate fully in school life and have an influence in their school environment. Being a School Council representative for your form offers you a range of opportunities; you are responsible for representing your form and ensuring that all ideas are relayed to the School Council, you can learn new skills – such as negotiating and speaking with confidence, patience and respect for other people views and ideas, and in addition you demonstrate tolerance.


Issues that the School Council has raised or been consulted on this year include:

- Getting more students involved in more independent initiatives throughout the school.

- Addressing strengths of the school and attempting to create a positive environment for all.

- Picking a new school charity to raise money for such as Sam's Gift, Magical Moments and Save the Children.

- Planning and preparing charity initiatives such as Active Audenshaw, Christmas Jumper Day and the Macmillan Coffee Morning.


Issues that the School Council has successfully implemented:

-The design and creation of the new toilets in the main school. 
-Awareness for the Manchester Bombing victims including designing a themed menu and decorating the school hall.  

-Running recycling campaigns including litter picking and waste collection. 

-Creating more activities to do at lunchtime such as basket ball hoops and table tennis tables.

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